In a park we found an british kind of funambulist. The two young men from the audience
(at the left in the photo), put him a real straitjacket and tied him up with chains and even
a real padlock...

In front of everybody, little by little while speaking and speaking with a very funny british
accent, he managed to break free.

IN - CRE - DI - BLE  !!!
THE PUBLIC MARKET, is the jewel of the crown, with a fascinating assortement of colourfull
products, fruits, fresh fish, all kind of meat, flowers and even an, almost elegant, restaurant.
Fotos: Adolfo Pardo
You can make a
tour in
this kind of
little, actually very
little, boats.

Compare the
size of the boat
with the
seems to be a toy !
under the Granville Street Bridge you find a lot of nice little boutiques and shops, dozens of artisans, beautiful
parks, a marine with many white sailboats... This "island", situated practically in the middle of the city....... is a must !