Recital at
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Hattiesburg, MS
December 2nd, 2012
All photographs: Adolfo Pardo
Performers: Pupils of Blanca Berdión
and Daniela Pardo (Suzuki program)
The first part of the
Recital consisted in
three students playing
the piano. Really nice !
Then we could hear and
see the violin students of
Blanca and Daniela !
Blanca and Daniela go certainly
beyond the mere function of teachers
and almost ressemble older sisters or
even mothers of the fortunate pupils !
The parents were not only proud but
happy to see the results of their efforts !
Blanca and Daniela play in orchestras,
wich is part of their careers but, in
our opinion, the real rewarding purpose
of their work is to teach children to
play and love music !
Thanks all of you, pupils,
teachers and parents for this
invaluable moment !
I  DID  IT  !!!