Violin & Viola Studio Recital
HHS Tiger Center
A Holiday Night - December 20th 2012
On December 20th 2012 at the Tiger Center, took place
a Recital of students from Blanca Berdion (Violin) and
Daniela Pardo (Viola).   Here some photos of it.
This photo was taken at the end of the Recital, but we put it at the
beginning for you to know the participants before seeing the pictures.. welcome !
Blanca Berdión always tunning the instruments of her pupils.
Blanca Berdion
and Daniela Pardo
The proud parents took
dozens of photos !
The concert came to an happy end.
The ambience was plenty of satisfaction !
Mollie Brockway, Melissa Berdion
and Benjamin Brockway
Mollie Brockway
Three pictures of the ineffable
Melissa Berdión
Grace Kolbo
Performing, with her teacher Daniela
Pardo and finally with her mother !
Benjamin Brockway, now
playing viola instead of violin !
Thank you Blanca and Daniela, and
specially thanks to all the young musicians !!!
Jonathan Dale
All photographs: Adolfo Pardo