BEAUVOIR, the last home of Jefferson Davies.
2244 Beach Boulevard - Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

For years Beauvoir graciously welcomed visitors and charmed people
from all over the world with its beauty... BUT on August 29, 2005 a
most unwelcome visitor stormed through its doors...: KATRINA !
Here some pictures taken on January 31, 2015
Photos in the Presidential
Library and Museum :
Beauvoir today
In February 1877, Davis visited Sarah Dorsey at her home, Beauvoir,and rented
this small cottage on the grounds of Beauvoir. There he begins to write his memoirs.
Next to Beauvoir, library Pavillon. (Reproduction. The original was destroyed by hurricane Katrina).
Beauvoir, (two french words: Beau-Beautiful
and Voir-To see)
was built by wealthy Mississippi
planter entrepreneur James Brown in 1848.  

The house was completed in 1852. After the
Browns, in 1873 the house was bought by Frank
Johnson but only after two months he sold it to
Sarah Ann Ellis Dorsey.

Sarah was a great admirer of Jefferson Davis.
She named her new home Beauvoir
(Beautiful view).

She invited Jefferson Davis to write his memoirs
there. He moved into the Library Cottage in 1877
Beauvoir, a Mississippi Historic Landmark and a National Historic Landmark, is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the legacy of American
Statesman and Confederate President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Soldier. Owned and operated by the Mississippi Division United Sons of
Confederate Veterans, Inc., a non profit organization, Beauvoir must rely upon admission receipts, gift shops sales and contributions for its funding.
February 19, 1879, Davis purchased the
Beauvoir property from Sarah Dorsey for $5,500,
and Dorsey moved to New Orleans.
The actual Museum,
next to Beauvoir
Jefferson Davis & Sons statue
All photographs: Adolfo Pardo